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What is AIR MATH?

AIR MATH is an AI-powered math homework helper app designed to fit the needs of students struggling with math homework and test prep. AIR MATH scans the photo of every submitted math problem using our authentic AI-Ed technology and will provide an answer to your math homework in no time! It can recognize virtually anything, from simple equations to word problems. Whether it be your school homework, test prep, or just materials for your daily studies, AIR MATH's got you covered. AIR MATH also provides a 1:1 live chat service with expert tutors who are on standby 24/7 to give you thorough step-by-step solutions to your math problems. The best part is, all of the above features are provided FREE OF CHARGE! Come check it out now!

AIR MATH: How To Use

HOW TO USE AIR MATH TO THE FULL (AIR MATH: 101) 1. Stuck on your maths homework, school assignment, and test prep? It’s okay to be completely clueless. 2. Grab your smartphone. 3. Take a photo of the question you’re stuck on. That’s right! Photo scan it and give it a few seconds. Our authentic AI-recognition tech will search for matching solutions in no time! 4. Voila! You will be provided with different types of solutions for your math question. Not sure which one to choose? Tap on each solution and see which one best fits your needs. 5. Yikes, did you get an answer but couldn't understand why or how such a solution was given? No worries, we have expert tutors on standby 24/7. Ask a tutor for a step-by-step walk-through. 6. In less than 5 minutes, you will be connected to one of our expert tutors. Just hit that "Ask Expert Tutors" button and chillax. 7. You can have a 1:1 live chat session with the tutor and ask for a thorough step-by-step explanation of how to derive the answer. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! 8. Oh, we know you have more problems to solve! Now, back to Step 1.


AIR MATH: How to Sign Up

I mean... Let's face it. Most of you tech-savvy MZ gens probably already know how by now, but it doesn't hurt to elaborate a bit, right? We tried to make this process as hassle-free as possible, so we've narrowed it down to two methods. You can use either of the two: 1. Start with Apple 2. Start with Google And use the account linked to either of the platforms. Apple and Google will take good care of you from then on.


How do I photo scan a problem and search for the right answer?

1. Prepare a math problem; any equation or word problem. 2. When you first open the AIR MATH app, the home screen will show you a camera screen. 3. Position your smartphone close to the problem and place the problem within the guideline, then snap! 4. Your problem wasn't scanned within the guideline? No worries! After you photo scan your problem, you can adjust the guideline to crop the part that you need from the question. 5. Our AI tech will then auto-recognize the problem and come up with all possible answers and different ways of solving the problem. Tap on each solution and choose the answer that best fits your need.

Can I use photos of problems from my Gallery instead of taking a new snapshot?

Sure thing! In order to use the photos that you already have, just give our app the permission to use your Photo Library and you're all set! When you first enter the app, you will see two icons at the top of the camera screen; an image icon and a flash icon. Tap on the image icon on the left which will let you choose the picture that you want to share from your Photo Library.

How many photos can I upload at once from the Gallery?

For now, you can only upload one image at a time. This is because AIR MATH can recognize one problem at a time. It cannot recognize and solve multiple questions at the same time.

How do I ask a question to a tutor?

Once you take a photo and scan the problem you're having trouble with, AIR MATH will come up with possible solutions to your question. Look through each solution and see if any of it matches your need. If the solution is too difficult to understand or doesn't quite match your question, hit that "Ask Expert Tutors" button below the solutions. For most of the time, you will be matched to a tutor within 10 minutes. Once the tutor answers your problem, you will be connected to a 1:1 live chat session where you can ask any follow-up questions. When your tutor is done giving you an answer and you feel that the given solution is good enough, you can tap on the "End Chat" button to leave feedback. That's all there is! That wasn't so hard, was it?

Where do all the solutions for the questions come from? Is it trustworthy?

Oh, so you still haven't heard? Our AIR MATH app is powered by AI and all answers are machine-learned. The Q&A data that have been accumulated within the app enables AIR MATH to continuously evolve and develop - simply put, our AI technology can solve and answer all your math questions and problems. Trustworthiness is guaranteed; have faith, my friend!

Who are the people answering my questions on AIR MATH? Can I trust them?

A BIG YES! Our tutors are all certified experts who have gone through very strict screening, testing, and background check-ups. We also consistently monitor all answers to the math problems that they provide to our users. If you find any of their answers incorrect or inadequate, you can also rate them and report them to us. Your experience matters to us, and our team will take the necessary actions. So, don't you worry about a thing!

Which math subjects are covered?

Basic Math Pre-Algebra: Arithmetic, proportional, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, powers, roots, factors, complex numbers Algebra: Linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, logarithms, functions, graphing, polynomials Geometry: Plane/solid geometry, constructions, measurement formulas, formal proofs Precalculus: Identities, logarithmic functions, exponential functions, trigonometric functions, series and sequences, probability, statistics, limits, derivatives Trigonometry: Circular and periodic functions Calculus: Series, limits, derivatives, integration, differentiation Statistics: Combinations, permutation, factorials Discrete Mathematics Finite Mathematics Differential Equations Business Math BAAM! 😎

Can AIR MATH solve word problems?

Yes, for sure! AIR MATH's AI recognition technology enables it to recognize not only the ordinary equations but also word problems from various math subjects. It will read your word problem and pull out all possible step-by-step solutions for you to choose from. Easy like a breeze!

Can I post handwritten questions?

Urr... Yes and no? You can photo scan your handwritten problem and ask for a solution to it, as long as it is legible and includes all information needed. If you are asking if you can write out the question directly on the app, then it’s a no. If we see that more and more users are asking for the said feature, we will definitely take it into consideration. That's a pinky promise.

I want to ask a question to a specific tutor I found on the app. Can I do that?

Oh, yikes! I'm glad that you liked our tutor, but unfortunately, we currently do not provide specific designation when it comes to tutor match. But the good news is, that all other tutors are equally good at solving math problems! You may be connected to a random tutor, but all tutors that work with AIR MATH are certified, tested, and monitored constantly. You can trust them and ask any and every math questions you have. They'll give you a solution to your problem in a zap!

How do I earn extra tickets? Is there a limit to the number of friends I can invite for free tickets?

To earn extra tickets, all you have to do is to invite friends to try our AIR MATH math homework helper. You will receive three tickets per one friend that you invite to use the app! 1. Visit My Page tab 2. Tap on the "Need more tickets?" button. 3. Tap on the button, and you will see an invitation code. 4. Copy the invitation code and then tap on the "Invite Friends" button at the bottom of the page. 5. Now, let there be AIR MATH, the ultimate math homework helper and solver to enlighten all your friends.

Is there a specific guideline on how to take a snapshot of my problem?

It's actually pretty simple. Just open the app, position the math problem that you need to solve within the guideline, then snap and tap to upload your question. It's okay if your problem was not photo scanned exactly within the guideline, because once you take a picture of it, you can later adjust and crop the math problem. Once you upload your math question, AIR MATH will come up with possible solutions to your problem in about 10 seconds. Now, wasn't that easy? * Things to note: 1) Please make sure to take picture of only one question at a time. 2) Please make sure that you include the entire question and all necessary information within the photo. 3) Please make sure that your picture is on focus and not blurry.

Is it okay to resubmit the same problem if I did not like the solution I got?

Of course it's okay! I mean, it's a shame (on our side - but that's our homework to solve) that you didn't like the answer, but there is no limit as to how many times you can ask your math problem over and over again! Our AIR MATH is quite generous when it comes to how many times you can ask math questions per day, so not to worry! But please do keep in mind, that if you feel that the solution provided by our AI was not sufficient and so you want to ask a tutor, there will be a (quite a generous) limit. You are given a new set of question tickets that is renewed every day. Well, that isn't so bad, is it? (*Ehem)

Can someone else see the problems that I asked about on AIR MATH?

No, no one but yourself can see the math questions that you have asked on AIR MATH... We do, however, accumulate all the math problems that all our users have asked so that our AI technology can use them as databases and become even faster when giving answers!

Can I chat with a tutor using a language other than English?

Well, although we do respect diversity, our AIR MATH math homework helper/solver app itself only uses one system language: English.

What is Bookmarks, and how do I use it?

The Bookmarks feature enables you to literally "bookmark" any step-by-step solutions that you receive from AI regarding your math questions. Open AIR MATH, photo scan a problem that you're stuck with, then tap and upload. Wait for 10 seconds until you're given a step-by-step solution by AIR MATH AI. Once your answer is provided, you will see the "Bookmarks" icon at the top right corner along with the "Share" icon (second to far right). Tapping on the Bookmarks icon will add that answer in your Bookmarks tab. Later, when you want to go back to see this problem again, tap on the "History" tab on the bottom right corner, then you will see "Answers" and "Bookmarks" tabs. Go to the "Bookmarks" tab and you will see the step-by-step solutions to the math questions that you have added.

Which platform, OS versions, and device models is AIR MATH available on?

AIR MATH math homework helper/solver app is currently available both on iOS and Android. For iOS, any device running on versions 14.4 and up can download and use the AIR MATH app. We will be continuing to add support for new versions as well, so please stay tuned!

Tech issue / Troubleshooting

AIR MATH keeps failing to recognize the problem that I photo scanned!

This may be because the type of question that you asked has not been asked before, therefore the question is not in our database as of yet. Please try the "Ask Expert Tutors" feature and ask for a step-by-step solution directly. If you believe it is caused by another error, then please check to see if your AIR MATH app is running on the latest version. If the issue persists even after the app update, take a screenshot or a screen recording and send it to us via “Contact Us”.

AIR MATH keeps freezing/crashing!

Oof! So sorry to hear that you're experiencing malfunctions with our app! In this case, please first check to see if your AIR MATH app is running on the latest version. Then, please take a screenshot or screen recording of the problem that you're experiencing and send it to us via "Contact Us." It'd be certainly helpful if you can describe the issue in detail (e.g. during what stage the app froze or tapping on a certain button caused a crash, etc.) so that our developers will know where to look into it.