Math Question

Your friend claims that \( \triangle W Z Y \) can be proven congruent to \( \triangle Y X W \) using the HL Congruence Theorem. Is your friend correct? Explain your reasoning.
yes; Both \( \triangle W Z Y \) and \( \triangle Y X W \) share the same hypotenuse, and they each have a right angle.
yes; You can prove \( W X Y Z \) is a rectangle, so opposite sides are
congruent. You are given that \( \triangle W Z Y \) and \( \triangle Y X W \) have right angles and share the same hypotenuse.
no; The only way to prove that \( \triangle W Z Y \) and \( \triangle Y X W \) is by using the AAS Congruence Theorem.
no; There is not enough information given in the diagram to prove that \( \triangle W V Z Y \) and \( \triangle Y X W V \) are congruent.



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