Math Question

\( \mathrm{~ W h a t i n g i n g ~ S t u d i n i b i} \)
\begin{tabular}{ll|l|l|} \end{tabular}
Ded Kersha corecty fovuake the pomer it not, why rer?
\( \left.\frac{3}{2}\right)^{3}=\frac{(3)(3)(3))}{2}=\frac{27}{2} \)
(4) Ves. the evaluatind the poeet contectly
(Q) Na. the stould tuse uned orly \( 2 \mathrm{~ f a c t a r s ~ o f ~ i t} \) taste rot 1 .
(6) Wen she digrit une the ertare fiacton as the bare. No arthe the exparded torm artony
\( \mathrm{~ h i s ~ s h e ~ m u n c i e d ~ t h e ~ t a r t i o n ~ o n ~ t h e ~} \)



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