Math Question

I ne \( \angle u \) students in a scnooi dana win actena an awaras ainner. A ranaom survey or \( \angle S \) or these students was conducted to determine how many of each meal should be prepared for the dinner. The results of the survey are shown.
12 students want a beef meal.
- 8 students want a chicken meal.
- 5 students want a pasta meal.
Based on the survey results, which of these is the best prediction of the meals wanted by the 200 students?
A There are 16 students who want a beef meal.
B There are 52 students who want elther a chicken meal or a pasta meal.
c There are 32 more students who want a beef meal than want a chicken meal.
D There are 24 more students who want a pasta meal than want a chicken meal.



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