Math Question

Triangle ABC was transformed using the rule \( (x, y) \quad \) Which best describes the transformation? \( \rightarrow(-y, x) \). The vertices of the triangles are shown.
The transformation was a \( 90^{\circ} \) rotation about the
\( A(-1,1) \quad A^{\prime}(-1,-1) \) origin.
\( B(1,1) \quad B^{\prime}(-1,1) \)
The transformation was a \( 180^{\circ} \) rotation about the
C \( (1,4) \quad C^{\prime}(-4,1) \) origin.
The transformation was a \( 270^{\circ} \) rotation about the origin.

The transformation was a \( 360^{\circ} \) rotation about the origin.



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