Math Question

4. The temperature is falling outside at a steady rate of 4 degrees Fahrenheit every hour. If the temperature starts at 68 Fahrenheit do the following.
(a) Fill out the table below for the outside (b) Write a linear equation that relates the temperature during the time it is cooling down. Fahrenheit temperature, \( F \), to the time in hours, \( t \), that it has been falling.
\hline Time Cooling, \( t \), (hours) & 0 & 1 & 2 & 3 \\
\hline Temperature, \( F \), (Fahrenheit) & 68 & 64 & 60 & 56 \\
(c) According to your equation, what is the (d) If this cooling continues at this constant rate, temperature when \( t=2.75 \) hours? how many hours will it take for the temperature an hours? to reach the freezing point of water? Show your work.



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