Math Question

The loudness, \( L \), measured in decibels (Db), of a sound intensity, I, measured in watts per square meter, is defined \( L=10 \log \frac{I}{I_{0}} \), where \( I_{0}=10^{-12} \) and is the least intense sound a human ear can hear. Jessica is listening to soft music a sound intensity level of \( 10^{-9} \) on her computer while she does her homework. Braylee is completing her homewor while listening to very loud music at a sound intensity level of \( 10^{-3} \) on her headphones. How many times louder is Braylee's music than Jessica's?
\( \frac{1}{3} \) times louder
3 times louder
30 times louder
90 times louder



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