Math Question

Problem 1
Instructions: Given the data set answer the questions.
Find the mean of this data set. Round to the nearest tenth.
\text { Mean }=
Find the median of the data set. To find the median you must order the data set from lowest to highest. When you reorder the data from least to greatest you get:
The middle number is between 5 and 6 . Therefore, you need to take the average of these two numbers.
The answer is \( 5.5 \), therefore the median is \( 5.5 \).
Find the mode of this data set. To find the mode you need to find the number that occurs most often. In this case, both 1 and 5 occur twice. Therefore, the data set is bimodal (two modes) with modes of 1 and 5 . The answer is 1 and 5 .



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