Math Question

Antwer the following questions. Show all calculations leading to your solution.
Chackpolnt 1; Linear Equations \& Exponential Equations
Write an equation to model the situation and then solve for the indicated quantity.
1. Nancy started the year with \( \$ 430 \) in the bank and is saving \( \$ 25 \) a week. Shane started with \( \$ 990 \) and is spending \( \$ 10 \) a week. When will they both have the same amount of money in the bank?
2. The cost of Mr. Something's house when he bought it in 1980 was \( \$ 25,000 \). The value increased by \( 7.2 \% \) every year. How muth is it worth this year? How much was the house worth in 1976 ?
Checkpoin' 2: Acea and Perimeter of Cornplex Figures.
Find the area and porimeter of the following figures
3. (hint you will need to calculate the missing side of the triangle)



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