Math Question

You wish to test the following claim \( \left(H_{a}\right) \) at a significance level of \( \alpha=0.002 \).
H_{o}: \mu=53.3 \\
H_{a}: \mu>53.3
You believe the population is normally distributed, but you do not know the standard deviation. You obtain a sample of size \( n=27 \) with mean \( M=55.7 \) and a standard deviation of \( S D=5.9 \).
What is the test statistic for this sample? (Report answer accurate to three decimal places.) test statistic =
What is the p-value for this sample? (Report answer accurate to four decimal places.)
p-value =
The \( p \)-value is...
less than (or equal to) \( \alpha \)
greater than \( \alpha \)
This test statistic leads to a decision to...
reject the null
accept the null
fail to reject the null



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