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Air pressure may be represented as a function of height above the surface of the Earth as shown below.
P(h)=P_{0} e^{-.00012 h}
In this function, \( P_{0} \) is air pressure at sea level, and \( h \) is measured in meters. Which of the following equations will find the height at which air pressure is \( 65 \% \) of the air pressure at sea level?
A. \( .65=h \cdot e^{-.00012} \)
B. \( h=.65 e^{-.00012} \)
C. \( P_{0}=.65 P_{0} e^{-.00012 h} \)
D. \( 65 P_{0}=P_{0} e^{-.00012 h} \)



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