Math Question

Last week, Lindsay earned \( \$ 10 \) per hour plus a \( \$ 60 \) bonus for good job performance. She spends \( \frac{1}{15} \) of her paycheck, on dinner with friends. If she had not earned the bonus, the amount she spent on dinner would have been \( \frac{1}{10} \) of her paycheck. Which equation can be used to find \( h \), the number of hours Lindsay worked last week?
\( \frac{1}{15}(10 h+60)=\frac{1}{10}(10 h) \)
\( \frac{1}{15}(10 h+60 h)=\frac{1}{10}(10 h) \)
\( \frac{1}{15} h(10+60)=\frac{1}{10} h(10) \)
\( \frac{1}{15}(10+60 h)=\frac{1}{10}(10 h) \)



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