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The function \( A(b) \) relates the area of a trapezoid with a given height of 10 and one base length of 7 with the length of its other base.
It takes as input the other base value, and returns as output the area of the trapezoid.
A(b)=10 \cdot \frac{b+7}{2}
Which equation below represents the inverse function \( B(a) \), which takes the trapezoid's area as input and returns as output the length of the other base?
A. \( B(a)=\frac{a}{5}-7 \)
B. \( B(a)=\frac{2}{7}-5 \)
C. \( B(a)=\frac{a}{5}+7 \)
D. \( B(z)=\frac{3}{7}+5 \)



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